Robin Hood is taking a leading role in Notts TV

We’ve been involved with local television from the days when it was little more than an apple in Jeremy Hunt’s eye.

We helped to draw up the first application to the government for a local tv station for Nottingham and, when that was successful, we helped to put together the blueprint for what has become a brand new station; NottsTV.

Now that the channel is on air, we’re making its weekly business programme – the first show on the new station to be sponsored.

Working Week gets under the skin of business life in Nottingham and reports directly from the shopfloor to find out what it’s like working in Notts.

In many ways the show itself is something of an innovation in the media industry – working to a tight budget we’ve rejected the idea of using vjs and shoot edit crews.

Instead we combine new technology with the old fashioned approach of specialist camera crews, picture editors and reporters. It means everyone knows what they are doing and delivers solid, high quality material within local tv rates.

As a result we feel we’re producing a weekly show that is pacy, informative and speaks directly to a local audience.

To see a sample of our first show, click on this link