Making sure your voice is heard

Should you agree to a live interview? What do you do if you’re suddenly ambushed on-air by a caller with a vendetta? How do you know if you’re going to be stitched up?

We’ll give you the techniques and training to handle these high-pressure situations.

Media training is one of the things we love most.

Helping a group of people overcome their fears to realise they can handle the most daunting of interviews gives us real job satisfaction.

But it’s not just about training to cope with the worst. Dealing with the media can bring huge opportunities to boost your business or get a positive story across.

We use experienced journalists who’ve worked on national news, backed up by camera crews with full broadcast kit to make the training as realistic as possible.

With more than ten years  training lobbying groups, universities, councils and private businesses we can develop a programme tailor-made to your needs.

At the end of one of our sessions you’ll be a confident performer who understands the way the media works, what journalists are looking for and able to cope with any interview or media opportunity.

With a base in the UK and in Brussels we are at home working anywhere in Europe and are regularly used by PR agencies to provide specialist media training for their clients.