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Patrick Turk

Furniture maker Patrick Turk is enjoying a wave of media attention after Robin Hood Media came to his rescue.

Just a week after he got in touch with us he’s been filmed for regional and national tv and double page spread on his work is about to appear in a leading magazine.

Patrick has a fantastic tale to tell and a business based in Sherwood Forest, how could we resist?

He makes hand-crafted furniture, built with techniques that are hundreds of years old and using trees that were planted centuries ago. But although his methods may be historic, his business has a very modern green ethos. He only uses trees that have fallen naturally and dries out his wood with a solar powered kiln that he’s built himself.

Using our contacts in the media and journalistic experience we were able to persuade the BBC’s Inside Out team to film Patrick for an extended feature. He is also about to appear on the BBC2 programme Working Lunch. What’s more, Patrick told us what industry magazines he would like to appear in, and we quickly wrote a feature on his business which will appear in Period House, aimed directly at his target audience.

Patrick said; “I can’t believe what’s happened. It’s only been a few days since I contacted Robin Hood Media and suddenly I’m about to appear on national television and in a national magazine.

“It’s a great feeling. I’m passionate about my business, but didn’t know how to get that message. That’s exactly where Robin Hood Media came in and it seems more people than I realised are interested in my story too.”

See Patrick on Working Lunch  ;

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