Robin Hood in Dubai

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Our conference studio

Seen the news on the BBC?

Pretty good isn’t it? Interesting, stylish, powerful and engaging. You just know that you are looking at something done by the best reporters and camera crews in the world.

Imagine if you could use their abilities to get your message across – well, with Robin Hood Media you can.

We’ve just returned from filming a three day conference in Dubai, Telcoms World Middle East. Whilst out there I used the same techniques, equipment and even the same cameraman that I would have used during my days working for the beeb.

We had two cameras and boxes and boxes of lighting and sound equipment, but what we had most of all was the ability to work quickly and professionally. After years of meeting demanding deadlines with BBC News we’re accustomed to working under pressure and getting it right.

Over the course of the three days we set up our own mini studio to interview conference speakers, we produced three separate reports and interviewed ten key speakers and more than 20 conference delegates.

For our clients, Terrapinn, it meant they ended up with two videos to promote next year’s conference and a series of interviews they can drop into their website all year to keep the momentum going. The tv-studio amongst the exhibition stands provided an added excitement to the event and for the keynote speakers, being interviewed at length on their subjects was an added bonus.

For any of our customers it means their company can promote itself with films and web movies produced by highly trained and experienced professionals with decades of experience in the media behind them. And, because we’re so quick and professional, we won’t cost as much as you might expect.

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