Back in the limelight

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After retiring from presenting to move backstage, Rob finds himself in the limelight again.

It’s surprising how convincing self-deception can be. I’d persuaded myself that I was happy being on the other side of the camera and away from the microphone, working as a producer and watching others take the limelight and the stress.

But somehow in the last few weeks I’ve found myself back presenting a tv programme and appearing on national radio, and I’m loving it!

Believe me, I tried everything to find a different presenter for Working Week, our business programme on Notts TV.
I did, I genuinely tried, but somehow, it made sense for me to use my experience as a business correspondent to front the show.

I can tell you’re not convinced and maybe you’re right to suspect that some of the natural ego of a presenter has taken a hold of me again.

I made sure though that I was working alongside a tv natural; Des Coleman effortlessly steals every shot we appear in together, and I’m happy to let him do it.

But to hell with all that self deception. It’s great fun to be in front of a camera again, especially working on a new concept like local tv, for which there are no rules. We’re still making it up as we go along, you can probably tell if you watch the links below!

And then out of the blue came a call from the Business Unit at BBC Radio 5 Live asking if I could do a few holiday shifts, covering holes in their rotas for presenting 5-Live Money.

To be honest, this time I didn’t have to think twice. The chance of bringing business news to millions of people and working with such legends as Peter Allen and Sheila Fogarty was not to be missed.
Besides it’s given me the chance to work at the BBC’s stunning new offices, set amongst the canals and basins of Salford.

So if you see me Working Week or catch me on Five Live, don’t be fooled of my protestations that I’m a reluctant broadcaster. I’m having a great time.

And just to prove it, take a look at our latest Working Week;

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