Working through lockdown

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The lockdown has brought huge disruption to many lives and businesses and we’ve been no exception.

But we’ve managed to keep working.

Production of the BBC programme we make, Politics East Midlands was halted.

It’s very difficult to staff a tv studio and gallery without people working closely together. The currency of journalism is people and we need to be able to film guests and have politicians come into the studio for interviews.

To minimise the risk, the BBC amalgamated our programme into one show, Politics England, broadcasting from its Salford studios.

But thanks to Zoom and Skype we’ve been able to play a big role in providing material for that show.

We’ve produced reports from Locked Down Leicester, covered the national fears over unemployment by featuring East Midlands businesses and provided our local MPs as guests on the show.

More importantly, we were also asked by the BBC to develop a webpage on the iplayer to feature content from the programme.

We also explored the idea of producing Facebook Live discussions based around politics. This has turned out so well, it will be incorporated into the politics output by BBC regions around the country.

The good news is the programme’s back from September with expanded local coverage and we’ll be doing more of those Facebook lives to boost our output still further.

We can’t wait!

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